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DQA QualiCare
Comfort Gel

Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent being stuck by a mosquito. Sometimes we forget to spray in time, sometimes we have missed a part of our body while spraying. The mosquito seizes its chance and an annoying stinging sensation is the result.

Now it becomes very challenging, because this annoying stinging mosquito bite tries to tempt us to scratch. But this scratching only leads to even more stinging and red skin.

Fortunately the solution is close by, our DQA QualiCare Comfort gel will quickly soothe and relieve the red and exposed skin.

Our gel contains a high-quality complex that is derived from the natural oats. The main ingredient of this complex, the avenanthramide, has a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Due to the unique mix of ingredients our gel has a fast and nice smoothening effect.

DQA QualiCare Comfort Gel, your smart choice.