Our R&D division.

We have a team of experts constantly working on the development of new innovative products which will help relieve discomforts of our clients and improve the quality of life.

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DQA has developed several product lines with innovative products.

 Liposomal products (vitamins, minerals and nutrients) reach much higher levels of bioavailability compared to the traditional tablets, capsules and syrups.  Therefore Liposomal products are a lot more effective.

DQA QualiCare is our product line for special cosmetic products and excellent product repellents for avoiding attacks of mosquitoes and ticks. Our repellents are very effective, kind to the environment and your skin. Even pregnant women and young children can benefit from a peaceful night of sleep. And last but not least it is odourless.

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Mosquito repellant

DQA QualiCare
Mosquito Repellent

Everyone recognizes it, the annoying hum of a mosquito when you are about to fall asleep. Or when you are exercising in the open air and you find yourself covered in mosquito bites in the evening, with irritating itching as a result. Culprit, our house mosquito.

But due to the changed climate, other mosquitoes are also coming our way, mosquitoes that don't have such a harmless sting. Just think of Asian Tiger Mosquito, The Aedes Aegypti and the Malaria Mosquito. All three with potentially very unpleasant consequences such as malaria or dengue. Fortunately, we have a spray that protects us against attacks from these mosquitoes, DQA QualiCare Mosquito repellent.

Our spray is very effective and works for a long time, up to eight hours.

But the long effect is not the only advantage, the spray is odourless so that you don’t smell when you are lying in your bed, for example. And it is very kind to the skin, even pregnant women and children from 1 year old can use it. And as friendly as our spray is to the skin, it is also as friendly to the environment. The spray contains IR3535 and this product neither pollutes nor harms aquatic organisms nor does it accumulate in nature. The IR3535 has only a repelling effect and does not kill insects.

DQA QualiCare Mosquito Repellent, your smart choice.

Tick repellant

DQA QualiCare
Tick Repellent 

A tick looks like a small spider, see photo.

In the Netherlands, most ticks occur in forests, heathlands, dunes, meadows, parks and gardens. They live in high grass and between the leaves. Ticks live on blood, both human and animal blood. In the Netherlands, more than 1,5 million people get a tick bite every year. Without realizing it, ticks can sit on the skin unnoticed and soak themselves with blood. In most the cases a tick bite is not so bad, but in 2 percent, the tick is infected with the Borrelia Burgdorferi bacteria and this can lead to Lyme disease.

It is therefore important to protect yourself against tick bites when hiking in the above areas.

It is advisable to avoid dense vegetation and undergrowth as much as possible. It is also important to wear long pants, long sleeves and closed shoes especially.

But there is more you can do!

Spray our DQA QualiCare tick repellent on your skin. This is a very effective odourless spray that keeps ticks at distance and is at the same time very gentle on the skin and very friendly to the environment.

Spraying well will keep the ticks away for about 8 hours.

DQA Qualicare Tick Repellent, your smart choice

Head lice repellant

DQA QualiCare
 Lice Repellent

Head lice are small parasites that live on warm and hairy spots on the head.

The eggs of the head lice are called nits, they are about 1 millimetre in size and have a grey-white or transparent colour. It looks a bit like dandruff. It is important to remove the nits quickly, this can be done with your nails for instance.

Anyone can get head lice, mainly children will contract it more quickly. Especially when they are playing and their heads are touching. Taking a selfie can also be risky. In those cases, the lice make an imaginary sprint and thus move from one head to the other. Fortunately they cannot jump, so if there is some distance you are in the right place. Nor do they move through clothing, bedding or stuffed animals.

Head lice live on human blood, they are not particularly dangerous, but they can be annoying. It can become very itchy. In that case children tend to scratch and this can lead to infections.

So it is important to check your child regularly for head lice, especially when they return to school.

If head lice are found, there are good products on the market for getting rid of them.

But the best way is prevention, not getting the lice at all.

And for this we have a very good solution: DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent.

Our product DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent works effectively and up to 48 hours. The spray is odourless, so it doesn't bother anyone.

DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent, your smart choice

Skin care

DQA QualiCare
Comfort Gel

Unfortunately, we cannot always prevent being stuck by a mosquito. Sometimes we forget to spray in time, sometimes we have missed a part of our body while spraying. The mosquito seizes its chance and an annoying stinging sensation is the result.

Now it becomes very challenging, because this annoying stinging mosquito bite tries to tempt us to scratch. But this scratching only leads to even more stinging and red skin.

Fortunately the solution is close by, our DQA QualiCare Comfort gel will quickly soothe and relieve the red and exposed skin.

Our gel contains a high-quality complex that is derived from the natural oats. The main ingredient of this complex, the avenanthramide, has a calming and soothing effect on the skin. Due to the unique mix of ingredients our gel has a fast and nice smoothening effect.

DQA QualiCare Comfort Gel, your smart choice.