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DQA QualiCare® Lice Repellent

Our spray is very effective and long-lasting, even up to 48 hours.

DQA QualiCare® Lice Repellent is odourless, gentle to the skin and friendly to the environment
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Head lice are small parasites that live on warm and hairy spots on the head.

The eggs of the head lice are called nits, they are about 1 millimetre in size and have a grey-white or transparent colour. It looks a bit like dandruff. It is important to remove the nits quickly, this can be done with your nails for instance.

Anyone can get head lice, mainly children will contract it more quickly. Especially when they are playing and their heads are touching. Taking a selfie can also be risky. In those cases, the lice make an imaginary sprint and thus move from one head to the other. Fortunately they cannot jump, so if there is some distance you are in the right place. Nor do they move through clothing, bedding or stuffed animals.

Head lice live on human blood, they are not particularly dangerous, but they can be annoying. It can become very itchy. In that case children tend to scratch and this can lead to infections.

So it is important to check your child regularly for head lice, especially when they return to school.

If head lice are found, there are good products on the market for getting rid of them.

But the best way is prevention, not getting the lice at all.

And for this we have a very good solution: DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent.
Our product DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent works effectively and up to 48 hours. The spray is odourless, so it doesn't bother anyone.
In addition, our product is gentle on the skin and friendly to the environment.

DQA QualiCare Lice Repellent, your smart choice.

Active ingredient:

IR3535 (Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate 20% w/w (CAS 52304-36-6))






The product should not be stored at temperatures> 40 ° C for a long time. Keep the packaging tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Take precautions against static discharge. Do not flush excess liquids down the drain.








Adults: maximum 1.05 g of product or about 9 sprays per use; children from 0 to 11 years old: 0.5 g or about 4 sprays per use. Ready-made (no dilution required).










Directions for use / Precautions:

Make sure that no lice are present. If necessary, first use a pediculicide (a lice-killing agent. Apply the product to clean and dry or towel-dried hair close to the scalp and make sure to treat the neck and behind the ears first. Then spray all over the hair, just like with hairspray. Make sure the scalp and hair are moist enough. Repeat the use after washing the hair. An adult must apply the product to children under 11 years old.

For external use only. Do not spray or apply around the eyes. Protect children’s eyes and protect children from inhaling while spraying. Avoid inhaling the spray / vapors. Do not apply to cuts, wounds or irritated skin. Use outdoors or in a well-ventilated area. Avoid contact with synthetic materials. Synthetic materials must be protected during spraying.

The product is usually applied only once a day. When you re-apply the product, respect the maximum allowable use per day: Adults and children over 1 year: 3 times a day. Children between 0 and 1 year old: twice a day. For permanent protection: Apply again after 2 days to clean and dry or towel-dried hair. Apply again earlier if the hair has got wet (such as after rain or swimming) until there is no longer any risk of contamination.