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DQA QualiCare® Mosquito Repellent

Our spray is very effective and long-lasting, even up to 8 hours.

DQA QualiCare® Mosquito Repellent is odourless, gentle to the skin and friendly to the environment

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Everyone recognizes it, the annoying hum of a mosquito when you are about to fall asleep. Or when you are exercising in the open air and you find yourself covered in mosquito bites in the evening, with irritating itching as a result. Culprit, our house mosquito.

But due to the changed climate, other mosquitoes are also coming our way, mosquitoes that don't have such a harmless sting. Just think of Asian Tiger Mosquito, The Aedes Aegypti and the Malaria Mosquito. All three with potentially very unpleasant consequences such as malaria or dengue. Fortunately, we have a spray that protects us against attacks from these mosquitoes, DQA QualiCare Mosquito repellent.

Our spray is very effective and works for a long time, up to eight hours.

But the long effect is not the only advantage, the spray is odourless so that you don’t smell when you are lying in your bed, for example. And it is very kind to the skin, even pregnant women and children from 1 year old can use it. And as friendly as our spray is to the skin, it is also as friendly to the environment. The spray contains IR3535 and this product neither pollutes nor harms aquatic organisms nor does it accumulate in nature. The IR3535 has only a repelling effect and does not kill insects.

DQA QualiCare Mosquito Repellent, your smart choice.


Active ingredient:

IR3535 (Ethyl butylacetylaminopropionate 20% w/w (CAS 52304-36-6))




The product should not be stored at temperatures> 40 ° C for a long time. Keep the packaging tightly closed in a dry and well-ventilated place. Take precautions against static discharge. Do not flush excess liquids down the drain.






Adult: 3 g or about 26 sprays, Child: 1.6 g or about 14 sprays, toddler: 0.83 g or about 7 sprays. Ready-made (no dilution required).







Directions for use / Precautions:

Apply the product evenly to the exposed skin and spread the applied liquid by hand over the skin. Apply ONLY to uncovered areas of the body, limited to the arms, hands, legs, feet and face. Do not spray directly on the face. To treat the face, spray the repellent on the palm of the hand and spread the solution over the skin of the face, ensuring that you protect the eyes. Do not spray or apply around the eyes. Avoid inhaling the spray. Only use outdoors or in a well-ventilated area.
An adult must apply the product to children under 11 years old. Do not use on children’s hands. Do not apply to cuts, wounds, newly shaved or irritated skin. Do not use under clothing. For external use only.
In case of heavy perspiration and after swimming, the repellent must be reapplied. Apply again only with a noticeable decrease in defenses and no later than eight hours after the first application. During re-application, respect the maximum permitted use per day: three times for adults, twice for children over 2 years old and once for children between 1 and 2 years old.
The product can be used for children over 1 year old. Note when using these products in children. Use the products responsibly. Mechanical protection (clothing, mosquito nets) is always preferred. Avoid contact with synthetic materials. Synthetic materials must be protected during spraying. Applying sunscreen or cosmetic products after using the repellent significantly reduces the effectiveness of the repellent. The product is not intended for use in animals / pets. Duration of protection: 8 hours.